Quality of Service

Rapid Supply and Setup
  • Client application and setup TWIX provides specialists for application and consultation.
  • Setup of the Connection Environment After the client makes ready for digital leased line and the co-located, client-side equipments in TWIX, TWIX Work Force Group will complete the setup of the interconnection between the client and TWIX within one working day.
  • For the application of public switch ports or cross connections between two ISPs, TWIX Work Force Group will complete it within one working day.
Reliable and Robust Facilities
  • Electricity and Air Conditioner In machine room, TWIX provides 24-hour Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and diesel electric generator for backup.
  • Security TWIX’s equipment room is independent partition with fire-fighting facilities. Besides 24-hour secure guards, to provide best security quality, there are two door access controls systems and 24-hours camera surveillance system.
  • Network Equipments TWIX adopts a dual-system backup design including Router Reflector and Ethernet switch to ensure high vailability of the system.
Real-time troubleshooting Assistance
  • Calls for Troubleshooting TWIX provides 7x24, 365 days specialists for assistance in troubleshooting.
  • Technical consultation Provide technical consultation for clients who is willing to apply for interconnection to TWIX.
  • Information Website TWIX sets a website to provide information including the statistics of exchanged traffic, the member list, the list of contact staffs, and announcements etc.
  • Looking Glass Tools TWIX provides web-based Looking Glass to assist clients in troubleshooting, which includes the following functionalities:
    • a.bgp
    • b.bgp summary
    • c.ping
    • d.trace
  • Troubleshooting Assistance TWIX provides remote manual troubleshooting assistance. Clients could inform TWIX Work Force Group of some troubleshooting actions, such as reporting the status of equipment lamps, rebooting the equipment, and looping test of communication interfaces etc.