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The Internet service of Taiwan develops rapidly after serving for commercial services in April, 1995. To provide high quality and sound interconnection environment for every ISP in Taiwan, Chunghwa Telecom Limited Company (CHT Ltd. Co.) brought up the idea to the government affairs committee as well as the NII team convenor in Executive Yuan, Mr. Yang Shi-Jian, about founding the Internet exchange in Taiwan. The CHT was approved to carry out the establishment within a year.
In January 1997, Taiwan Network Information Center (TWNIC) formed the Network Connection Promotion Task Force, and planed to set up the internet exchange of Taiwan. Since CHT had the same plan as TWNIC's, CHT submitted the proposal of Taiwan Internet eXchange (TWIX) to TWNIC in April, 1997. With the way of cooperation, TWNIC supplied the guidance and assistance to CHT, and CHT was responsible for the construction and management.
After a half-year effort by CHT, the construction of TWIX was completed and opened for service on November 21, 1997.
On January 25 2002, TWIX was approved of IX qualification in "The 13th Meeting of IP Address and Protocol Committee".