Policies and Guildelines

Requirements for Interconnection in TWIX

During the initial stage of setting an exchange center in TWIX, an ISP with the following qualifications can apply for interconnection:

  • AType II telecommunications license issued by NCC (National Communications Commission), Internet Content Provider, or special permission license issued by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications.
  • BWith legal IP address and AS number.


After the application is approved, the client should proceed with the following technical requirements of interconnection tasks:

  • The client must apply digital circuits and have its own Internet connectiity to TWIX. There are two ways to connect to TWIX, as below:
    1.1 Intranet connecton from the equipments installed in IX Center.
    1.2 Connect to TWIX through a private leased circuit.
  • TWIX provides the connection to the Ethernet Switch (E/S) with the interfaces of FE, GE or 10GE.
  • The routing protocol must be Border Gateway Protocol version 4 (BGP-4).