1. According to the cost analysis, TWIX charges ISPs interconnection fee. The charge principle is that TWIX charges for the setup fee, depending upon different access bandwidth and the number of equipments, and also the monthly maintenance fee.

2. For interconnection among TWIX POPs, it will incur extra expenditure.

Service Fee

Item Unit Unit Price in USD
Rental Fee for Rackes (*Remarks 1) monthly, per unit $370
Rental Fee for 100GE E/S Ports monthly, per port Quotation by PM
Rental Fee for 10GE E/S Ports monthly, per port $670
Rental Fee for 1GE E/S Ports monthly, per port $670
Maintenance Fee for ISP circuits (*Remarks 2) monthly, per circuit $350
Maintenance Fee for Cross Connect monthly, per circuit $350
Remote Hand
per hour $50
System Setting per task $50

*Remarks 1: The specification of one rack is 19 inches in width, 7U (about 30 cm.) in height, 85 cm in depth, and with 6A/110V power supply.
*Remarks 2: First time of ISP circuit maintenance is free of charge